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About Simonne Paumard

I moved to San Diego from France almost 20 years ago with experience in real estate investments and a passion for helping others. Since then I’ve become a leading REALTOR ®, guiding others through the real estate process. With passion, market knowledge, and experience in real estate coaching, I’ll hold your hand from the first meeting until the final signature and leave you feeling satisfied. Looking to sell? I guarantee a sale. Looking to buy? By leading with trust and knowledge, I’ll open the door to your dream home. Together we can turn a house into your home.
What differenciates me:
- A Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist who will help you and guide you with compassion and experience through this difficult time.
- Investment Properties through the Residential Investor Network for fast, full price home sales.
- Custom Targeted Marketing Specialist for Luxury Properties.
- Guaranteed Dream Home Finder Program. Unlisted Pre-list Home Inventory & more.
I'll even put my own money to find you the right buyer for your property, or your Dream Home. I put my money where my mouth is and offer you satisfaction guarantees .

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